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The company MUEBLES VERGE S.L. was born in 1980 after the initiative of 3 entrepreneurial spirit cabinet makers. Starts its industrialization process manufacturing a high quality juvenile range in natural veneers, becoming a series production company investing in technology, specialized in home furniture. In 2005 creates the VIVE, brand starting a clear commitment by contemporary furniture, being faithful to the spirit started by the founders based in the high quality of the products and the customer's attention...


  • The Price-List is in POINTS. The POINTS has a value in Euros. To find the final price of each item, you have to multiply the total points of the article by the value of the point and you get the price in Euros. Please contact your regional agent to get the value of POINTS.

  • Payment conditions – 50% at the order confirmation + 50% before delivery.

  • Delivery time is 5-6 weeks after order confirmation.

  • Transport: Ex-Works. Any transportation and customs costs, as well as any tax or cost related to the sale fitting will lay on the customer’s side.

  • Packaging include carton boxes and agreed to EU standard.


Catalogue New Book 2019

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Price-List New Book 2019

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Price-List ON Book 2017

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Price-List LINE 2019

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Price-List TABLES 2017

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