Outdoor Furniture

We would like to welcome you to our world. Creating soulful, identity filled pieces for those who believe in the difference, its our reason of being. Mambo Unlimited Ideas is a design brand that reflects a state of being in life, through the nature of our pieces. Pieces that combine the Portuguese tradition with our view on modernity and that allow each person to use them in a way that better suits the space they are involved. We design and produce a collection that includes furniture, ceramics, accessories and lightening. Where each piece holds a story untold. And where each story is made of our quest to find new materials, innovative techniques, textures and color scheming, always keeping in mind the Portuguese inheritance...

Sitia is a brand founded in 2002, solely dedicated to design and the making of quality “made in Italy” chairs. Sitia’s success can be credited to the guidance of “maestro” Mr. Pergentino Battocchio, who boasts 50 years’ experience in the production of chairs. Sitia brand is a project developed thanks to deeply custom-tailored knowledge, avant-garde technologies, certified methods and innovative structural researches. Venice artistic heritage contributes to handmade passion with the highest level of care for details. Each Sitia chair reflects working processes value, refined materials research and experience in the field...


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