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Everything starts from distant lands (Turkey, Nepal, India, Morocco), cradles of the art of carpet, where Matteo Pala goes periodically not only to recover the best artefacts, but also to capture the essence of craftsmanship superfine that guarantees the quality and originality of each product. And this is how each carpet is more than just a piece of furniture: it is something unique that brings with it the sum and the taste of ancient traditions revisited so that they can be modern and adaptable solutions. Different needs, whether for private or contract solutions, are answered in the lines that Matteo Pala has studied and selected over the years, personally assessing the raw materials and the processes to which they are submitted to enhance them. Patchwork, Vintage and Contemporary were born: three different worlds, each with its own personality, in which the carpet lives or relives in a new experience, that of those who choose it...



  • Retail prices: starts from 300,00€/SQM (simple vintage from Turkey) up to 600,00€/SQM (lattes collection from Iran) it depends because every single carpet is unique and handmade.

  • Range of products: Old carpets from Turkey and Iran

  • Sizes: 200x300cm; 250x350cm; 300x400cm. Special sizes: 200x200cm and 300x300cm or cut and reduce when we need.

  • Company have many carpets in stock now and for every color can give to clients many options.


  • Retail prices: starts from 5000€ – size 230x300cm

  • Sizes: company can reproduce all kind of carpets or image in all sizes.


  • Prices: starts from 480€/SQM (FOB) rugs produced in Nepal and India in 100 lines quality 100% wool (100 lines means that in 20cm of height of rug there are 100 horizontals lines). 100% bamboo – 550€/SQM (FOB). 100% silk – 650€/SQM (FOB)

  • Every single project can be different, because it will depends the % of wool, silk or bamboo and the design (simple or complicated).

  • Prices in Price list are recommended retail prices in EUR. Your professional discount – Please contact your regional agent.

  • Payment conditions – 50% at the order confirmation + 50% before delivery.

  • Delivery time: 3/4 months for size 200x300cm and 300x400cm.

  • Company work with 1400 different colors and can send to the costumer a little sample for approval.

  • Transport: Ex-Works. Any transportation and customs costs, as well as any tax or cost related to the sale fitting will lay on the customer’s side.

  • Packing – the packaging is agreed to EU standard.


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