Coffee, Side & Dinning Tables

Artisans producing furniture to adorn your living environment that is as natural as the wood from which it is originated. Artisan is an award winning design and innovation manufacturer in Bosnia, which specialize in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, their insistence on manual artisan work is what sets them apart. Artisan collaborate with the best regional and global designers who are familiar with their technological advantages and who know how to convey their expertise into a vision that is worthy of the precious material that is wood...

CARMENES knows that design is part of contemporary culture and that the collaboration with prestigious designers creates pieces that combine beauty, common sense and formal rigor. Not for nothing CARMENES has been always strongly committed to “design by the author”, offering great contemporary designers like Lievore, Pensi, Codina, Hoffman or Héctor Diego a large platform to offer timeless designs.

Together with great masters of design, CARMENES stakes on generational renewal and gives voice to young designer studios that provide for a new aesthetic vision and challenge conventionalism in lines and materials. Some examples are La Mamba Design Studio, A.P.O. and Estudio Savage, with creations that generate great expectations.

CASALTO blends crafts with technology for valuable objects as unique as you. Create objects that look like you with the CASALTO application. Play with materials, stripes and become the extravagant fashion designer of your objects. CASALTO offers a system composed of assembled parts that can form millions of differentiated objects. The shapes are cylinders and cones with varying heights and diameters. Their combinations constantly open the field of creative exploration. They are ceramic and blown glass. Brass, copper and silver bring a touch of refinement to the collections. With its iOS and Android application, you will create unique objects, objects that resemble you...

Colé is a young Italian design brand, with a high-end production 100% made in Italy. Born from the experience of Matteo De Ponti, architect, who grew up in one of the most outstanding Milanese design families, and the artistic sensibility of Laura Macagno, degree in Economics and passionate of art and design. Our mission is to create design icons, beautiful and comfortable pieces that can stand the test of time, furnishing houses of international and sophisticated clients, and realized with craftsmanship, this unique.
“We love objects which own deep roots, excellent quality, and a strong evocative power. Archetypal forms dressed with new beauty without losing their classical composure”.