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CARMENES knows that design is part of contemporary culture and that the collaboration with prestigious designers creates pieces that combine beauty, common sense and formal rigor. Not for nothing CARMENES has been always strongly committed to “design by the author”, offering great contemporary designers like Lievore, Pensi, Codina, Hoffman or Héctor Diego a large platform to offer timeless designs.

Together with great masters of design, CARMENES stakes on generational renewal and gives voice to young designer studios that provide for a new aesthetic vision and challenge conventionalism in lines and materials. Some examples are La Mamba Design Studio, A.P.O. and Estudio Savage, with creations that generate great expectations.


  • Prices in Price-List are Recommended Retail Prices in EUR. Please contact your regional agent to get your discount.

  • Payment conditions – 50% at the order confirmation + 50% before delivery.

  • Delivery time is 7-8 weeks after order confirmation.

  • Transport: Ex-Works. Any transportation and customs costs, as well as any tax or cost related to the sale fitting will lay on the customer’s side.

  • Packaging include carton boxes and agreed to EU standard.


Catalogue Easy Living Vol. 1 / 2018

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Catalogue Easy Living Vol. III / 2019

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Price-List 2018

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Catalogue Easy Living Vol. 2 / 2018

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NEW COLLECTION Upholstery list 2019

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Price-List Easy Living Contract 2018

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